We challenged ourselves to take the home hydraulic elevator to new heights, and the Renaissance residential elevator is the stunning result. If you’re looking for affordable luxury, you’ll appreciate its simple sophistication—no upgrades required. If you’re designing a gorgeous showpiece for a once-in-a-lifetime custom home, you’ll love the unlimited customization that’s available.

The inner workings of the Renaissance are pure Federal Elevator. We’ve designed a home elevator to exacting commercial standards and engineered it to last. Our attention to detail can be experienced in the exquisite finishing of the interior of every cab, as well as the safe and smooth ride.

  • Maximum travel distance of 60′ (6 stops), maximum load of 1500 lbs.
  • Gentle stops and starts, smooth ride and quiet operation
  • Endless options to showcase your home’s design
  • Components can be housed in a small closet to conserve space
  • Easily customized
  • Uncomplicated installation saves time and money on your project
  • Contact us for pricing.



Smooth, quiet ride. The highly efficient 1:2 cable hydraulic drive system and 4-coil super-hush pump offer a smooth ride with softer start and finish.

Standard specs. Rated load of 1000 lbs., dimensions of 36″ x 48″, height of 84″, speed of 40 feet per minute and travel distance of 50′ are standard, and can all be increased.

Cab interior. Standard finishes include walls in flat, unfinished MDF or unfinished maple or oak panels; a rounded stainless steel car operating panel (telephone box and digital position indicator included); and 1.5″ rounded stainless steel handrails. Other standard features are a solid ceiling with automatic LED lighting, a transparent accordion gate with invisible infrared light curtain for safety and a double plywood floor ready for your design touch.

Hall stations. Two stainless steel illuminated hall stations are included.

Lead time. Elevators are manufactured in 6 to 8 weeks.

Warranty. 1 year service, 36 months parts (may differ if purchased through a dealer)

Dimensions. Go for grandeur by increasing the ceiling height of the elevator cab to 96” (9 ft), expanding length and width to as much as 48″ x 60″ and increasing capacity to 1500 lbs.

Openings. Increase convenient access to different areas of your home by having doors open on any two or three sides of the elevator cab.

Speed. Decrease your time in transit by increasing the speed your Renaissance elevator travels to 50 feet per minute.

Travel distance. Increase to 60 feet total (6 stops maximum).

Doors. Upgrade to wrought iron “scissor doors” for an elegant old-world elevator experience or sleek, automatic bifold doors in stainless steel or glass. Stainless steel or prime-painted 2- or 3-panel commercial-style doors give a modern look. When it’s all about the view (and the sky’s the limit), there’s nothing like our glass sliding doors.

Walls. Options include glass, high gloss wood, mirror, exotic wood, high gloss paint in any colour imaginable, and finished paneling in maple, oak or a simple Shaker style.

Operating panel and hall stations. An elongated cab operating panel gives an elegant look to coordinate with your choice of metal finish. Increase home security with a numeric keypad on the elevator interior. Hall stations can be equipped with a digital positioning indicator to show the floor the elevator is on.

Ceiling treatments. Choose from recessed oak panels or a skylight.

Metal finishes. If standard brushed stainless steel isn’t your style, opt for antique nickel, bright brass, antique bronze, satin chrome or bright stainless steel for the car operating panel, handrail, telephone box and all hall stations.

Lighting. Upgrades include low profile LED in a variety of finishes or LED lights underlit by a chandelier.

Hand rails. Choose from low profile stainless steel (a more geometric look) or dazzle your guests with crystal-filled hand rails. Mini-machine room. When space is tight, our “slim tank” design accommodates all components in a small closet-sized space rather than a full-sized machine room.

Precision automatic leveling at each landing ensures the elevator meets the floor exactly

Invisible infrared light curtain to automatically open the doors if an object is in the way

Emergency battery-powered lowering to the main floor

Emergency battery-powered lighting

Emergency manual lowering

Emergency stop switch in cab

Emergency alarm button in cab

Telephone box in cab (phone installed separately)

Interlocks at every landing door

Cab sizes
Width x Depth
36″ x 48″, 36″ x 54″, 36″ x 60″,
40″ x 54″, 42″ x 60″, 48″ x 60″

84″ or 96″ (Other heights available, speak to a Representative)

240V single-phase or 208V three-phase

1000 lbs. (1500 lbs. available)

1:2 cable hydraulic

50 feet per minute maximum

Automatic push button

Uninterrupted battery backup

Maximum number of stops
7 inline (to a maximum travel of 60 ft.)

2-speed four coil valve for soft start and stop

Pit depth
8″ minimum


These sleek, modern doors automatically open and fold against the elevator cab opening to allow for an elegant, clear entrance. Available in brushed stainless steel or glass panels, bifold doors are a cost-effective, beautiful, and a popular choice on the Renaissance—and they’re only available on residential elevators manufactured by Federal Elevator.

Bifold Doors

If a home elevator represents freedom, then a Renaissance home elevator represents freedom without limits. Let our family help your family make this dream come true.



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