The Panorama is a safe and reliable residential elevator that offers excellent value for homeowners, builders and property developers who aren’t looking for all the bells and whistles.

This two-coil home hydraulic elevator offers simple start-stop operation and easy maintenance. It can be upgraded with all the latest design finishes, but we find it has its greatest appeal on projects where every dollar counts.

  • Maximum travel distance of 50′ (6 stops), maximum load of 1500 lbs.
  • Perfect for value-oriented customers
  • Uncomplicated installation saves time and money on your project
  • Contact us for pricing (This will not include the construction of hoistway)



Standard specs. Rated load of 1000 lbs. (1500 lbs. available), dimensions of 36″ x 48″ (can be increased to 48″ x 60″), one door (can be increased to doors on up to 3 sides), height of 84″ (96″ available), speed of 40 feet per minute and travel distance of 50′.

Cab interior. Standard finishes include walls in flat, unfinished MDF or unfinished maple or oak panels; a rounded stainless steel car operating panel telephone box and digital position indicator included); and a rounded stainless steel handrail. Other standard features are a solid ceiling with automatic LED lighting, a manual accordion gate with invisible infrared light curtain for safety and a plywood floor to accept your personal flooring later.

Hall stations. Stainless steel illuminated hall stations.

Lead time. Contact us for current lead time.

Warranty. 1 year service, 36 months parts (may differ if purchased through a dealer).

Precision automatic leveling at each landing ensures the elevator meets the floor exactly

Infrared light curtain to automatically open the doors if an object is in the way

Emergency battery-powered lowering to the main floor with overspeed governor

Emergency battery-powered lighting

Handrail included in cab

Emergency manual lowering

Emergency stop button in cab

Emergency alarm button in cab

Telephone box in cab (phone installed separately)

Interlocks at every landing door

Cab sizes
Width x Depth
36″ x 48″, 36″ x 54″, 36″ x 60″,
40″ x 54″, 42″ x 60″, 48″ x 60”

84″ or 96″

240V single phase or 208V three phase

1000 lbs. (1500 lbs. available)

1:2 cable hydraulic

40 feet per minute maximum

Automatic push button

Uninterrupted battery backup

Maximum number of stops
6 (to a maximum travel of 50 ft.)

Single speed, 2-coil

Pit depth
8″ minimum

Machine room
Requires a small area to house electrical disconnects, controller and pump unit.
Preferable to locate in the lowest landing of the home, adjacent to the unit (can be made remote).


When it’s all about the bottom line, the Panorama is your number one choice. This model puts the emphasis on simplicity, safety and economy, ensuring an excellent return on investment for your residential development project.

Panorama elevator beside

Get all the quality and dependability that Federal Elevator is famous for, at a price that will make your project manager smile.


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