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Chances are you’ve never put an elevator in a home before, so it may feel like there’s a lot to learn before you make your purchase. Here is the need-to-know information about residential elevators so you’ll not only add to the enjoyment and resale value of your home, but will feel confident when it comes time to talk to an elevator company.



What’s the difference between a hydraulic elevator and a machine room-less elevator?

A hydraulic elevator uses a piston filled with hydraulic fluid to raise and lower the elevator cab. These elevators have a machine room on the lowest level for the mechanics and a “pit” below the elevator to accommodate the undercarriage. The pros of a hydraulic elevator are lower up-front cost, simple maintenance and limitless customization.

A machine room-less elevator (MLR) uses aircraft cables to raise and lower the elevator cab. The mechanics of the elevator are located in the hoistway, not a separate machine room. The pros of machine room-less elevators are their space-saving design and oil-free operation.

Home hydraulic elevators: Renaissance, Panorama
Home machine room-less elevator: Legacy Volt


Can I put an elevator in my existing home?

It is simple and economical to incorporate an elevator in the design of a new home. If you want to add an elevator to your current home, you will require to spend money to create a hoistway. With an existing home, you are more restricted with ……….


How much do residential elevators cost?

We work hard to keep our elevators affordable. A residential elevator can start around $20K but cost can be higher depending on customizations required. Our installation costs are included in the price of the elevator. Contact us today for a quote, click here.

The cost of the elevator hoistway is not included in the price. An elevator company usually leaves the structural aspects of construction to general contractors and structural engineers, who are paid separately by the homeowner. We are elevator experts, not construction experts so homeowners should engage these other trades along with the elevator company to ensure that the hoistway is safely built.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to options and cost. At Federal Elevator, we like to say there’s an elevator for everyone, and we enjoy helping homeowners choose the features and finishes that will add value, not just add cost.

Some features that increase the price of a home elevator:

  • Cab size
  • Cab finishes – walls, doors, elevator control panel colours, openings
  • Elevator type (hydraulic or machine room-less)
  • Ride quality
  • Glass or mirror panels
  • Remote monitoring

Keep it simple: Panorama, Legacy Volt
Unlimited customization: Renaissance


What elevator safety features are important?

Your elevator will be moving life’s most precious cargo—your family, friends and pets. Unfortunately, in Ontario and most other areas of North America, there are no inspections required before the elevator is first used. It’s up to homeowners to do their homework to make sure they’re working with a reputable elevator company. At Federal Elevator, we put safety first and follow strict guidelines and provide excellent training to employees. You need to count on your elevator. That’s why we make sure you can count on us.

Here are 13 safety features to look for in a home elevator.


What should I look for in an elevator company?

An elevator is an important purchase that should give you decades of worry-free freedom within your home. Whether you’re working directly with an elevator company, such as Federal Elevator, or with an elevator dealer, look for a company with an excellent reputation for high quality products and installation.

Some qualities to look for in an elevator company:

  • They build residential elevators to commercial standards
  • They have an excellent safety record and no recalls
  • Their controllers are built in-house so custom programming is possible
  • Their elevators are fully assembled and tested before shipping
  • Their elevators are easy to install and service
  • They have long-term relationships with dealers, suppliers and customers
  • They have an excellent reputation among elevator servicing companies

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There’s an elevator for everyone. We’d be honoured to help you find yours.

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