Machine room-less (MRL) elevators have become extremely popular in Europe and parts of Canada and the U.S. over the last decade, and Federal Elevator is proud to offer the Legacy Volt as our machine room-less model. It is a compact, beautiful residential elevator that’s simple to install, a joy to ride and offers excellent value.

A machine room-less elevator is the perfect solution for builders and architects looking to maximize usable space and increase ROI in a compact townhome development, since more of the building’s footprint can be used for living. But space isn’t the only thing the Legacy Volt saves. This model is also a popular choice for consumers who want a luxury home elevator that reduces energy use and is kind to the planet.

  • Maximum travel distance of 32’ (2-4 stops depending on Type)
  • Maximum load of 1000 lbs.
  • Space-saving design
  • Energy efficient, oil-free operation
  • Excellent choice for areas prone to flooding
  • Easily customized
  • Uncomplicated installation saves time and money on your project
  • Contact us for pricing.



Smooth ride. Variable-frequency winding drum technology offers smooth starts and stops.

Saves space. We put the elevator’s motor in the shaft, so you can use your home’s valuable space for living, not a machine room.

Standard specs. Rated load of 750 lbs. and dimensions of 36” x 48” are standard and can be increased. The standard cab height (84”), travel speed (40 feet per minute) and travel distance (32’) cannot be increased.

Cab interior. Standard finishes include: walls in flat, unfinished MDF, maple or oak; a rounded stainless steel car operating panel (telephone box and digital position indicator included); 1.5” rounded stainless steel handrails; a solid ceiling with automatic LED lighting; a manual accordion gate in a variety of standard finishes with an invisible infrared light curtain for safety; and a double plywood floor.

Hall stations. Two stainless steel illuminated hall stations are included.

Lead time. Elevators are manufactured in 6 to 8 weeks.Warranty. 1 year service, 36 months parts (may differ if purchased through a dealer)

Dimensions. Expand the length and width to as much as 42” x 60” and increase capacity to 1000 lbs.

Openings. Increase convenient access to different areas of your home by having doors open on any two sides of the elevator cab.

Doors. Opt for old-world elegance with wrought iron “scissor” doors or go for a modern look with automatic bifold doors in stainless steel.

Walls. Options include unfinished bamboo, cherry or walnut; plastic laminate milled with stainless steel trim or MDF paneling in a simple Shaker style.

Operating panel and hall stations. An elongated cab operating panel gives an elegant look to coordinate with your choice of metal finish. Increase home security with a numeric keypad on the elevator interior. Hall stations can be equipped with a digital positioning indicator to show the floor the elevator is on.

Metal finishes. If standard brushed stainless steel isn’t your style, opt for antique nickel, bright brass, antique bronze, satin chrome or bright stainless steel for the car operating panel, handrail, telephone box and all hall stations.Hand rails. Upgrade to low profile stainless steel for a more modern look or crystal-filled rails for a touch of luxe.

Precision automatic leveling at each landing ensures the elevator meets the floor exactly

Invisible infrared light curtain to automatically open the doors if an object is in the way

Emergency battery-powered lowering to the main floor with overspeed governor

Emergency battery-powered lighting

Emergency manual lowering

Emergency stop button in cab

Emergency alarm button in cab

Telephone box in cab (phone installed separately)

Interlocks at every landing door

Cab sizes
Width x Depth
36″ x 48″, 36″ x 54″, 36″ x 60″,
40″ x 54″, 42″ x 60″


240V single-phase or 208V three phase

750 lbs. (1000 lbs. available)

Inverter controlled variable speed winding drum unit utilizing two 3/8” x 7 x 19 steel core aircraft wire ropes

40 feet per minute maximum

Automatic push button

Uninterrupted battery backup

Maximum number of stops
2 inline (to a maximum travel of 32 ft.)

Overhead minimums
103” for overhead drum unit
96” for bottom drum unit

Pit depth
8” minimum


The compact design of Federal Elevator’s machine room-less home elevator requires less energy to operate and the variable-frequency drive that powers the motor and gives a smooth ride also reduces electricity consumption. MRL elevators don’t rely on hydraulics to power the elevator system, so there’s no oil required.

Legacy Volt elevator in a modern home

The Legacy Volt offers the highest standards in engineering and manufacturing with the efficiency of a machine room-less design. Save space. Save energy. Love the look.



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