For low-rise commercial development projects that can accept no compromises, choose the Aspire. This commercial elevator is perfect for demanding applications such as condominiums, office buildings and schools, where elevators will be used continuously by passengers with high expectations for ride quality, uptime, speed, capacity and aesthetics.

As far as appearances go, the Aspire is a beauty. Behind the scenes, this dual holeless hydraulic elevator is a workhorse that will offer decades of crowd-pleasing operation. Our strong roots in Ontario mean we’re your local choice, here to walk you through the process from design and approvals through to installation, certification and ongoing maintenance and support. And when it comes to your project’s bottom line, you’ll definitely appreciate the price.

  • Maximum travel distance of 5 storey
  • Easily customized to increase cab height, door height and capacity
  • Meets CAN/CSA B355 and of ASME A17.1/CSA B44 safety code for elevators
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Fast, high capacity, smooth ride. Our compact super hush hydraulic drive offers a smooth ride at speeds of 100’, 125’ or 150’ per minute (200’ per minute is available). Rated loads are 2000 lbs., 2500 lbs., 3000 lbs. or 3500 lbs. Standard cab dimensions are X” x Y” with a height of 96”.

Cab interior. Raised fire-rated plastic laminate wall panels; control panel, ADA telephone box and handrail in brushed stainless steel; direction indicators; automatic LED lighting; arrival gongs; exit hatch; and in-cab fan.

Doors. Automatic sliding doors.

Lead time. TBD

Warranty. 1 year service, 36 months parts (may differ if purchased through a dealer).

Dimensions. Increase the ceiling height of the cab to more than 96”, request a custom cab size, and increase capacity to 5000 lbs.

Speed. Increase to up to 200’ per minute.

Travel distance. Increase to 60 feet total (5 stops maximum).

Doors. Increase convenient access to different areas of the building with doors that open on both the front and rear of the elevator cab. Upgrade to stainless steel doors for the cab and landing, 2-speed (centre-opening) doors, and low-profile door operators.

Walls. Options include stainless steel, glass and milled plastic laminate.

Operating panel and hall stations. Upgrade to digital position indicators, braille plates and a variety of car operating stations.

Ceiling treatments. Choose from a number of ceiling designs, including an LED-underlit suspended ceiling.

Metal finishes. Opt for mirror stainless steel, mirror bronze or brushed bronze for the car operating panel, handrail, pot lights, telephone box and all hall stations.

Security features: Add voice synthesizer access, card reader or fob access, and keyed hoistway access.Custom programming: Add independent service and automatic home landing features.

Emergency battery-powered lowering to the main floor

Emergency battery-powered lighting

Final limit switches

Buffers to stop and soften the landing of a car or counterweight in an emergency

Exit hatch

ADA telephone box in cab

Emergency stop button in cab

Emergency alarm button in cab

Car top inspection station

Platform sizes
Width x Depth
36″ x 48″, 36″ x 54″, 36″ x 60″,
48” x 54”, 42″ x 60″, 48” x 60”

96” cab height

230V single-phase 30 amp or 208V three-phase 20 amp

Relay logic-based control system.

Starts per hour

5000 lbs.

Dual (twin jack) holeless hydraulic (inground or telescopic)

200 feet per minute

UL/CSA listed automatic control

Uninterrupted battery backup

Maximum number of stops
5 inline (to a maximum travel of XXX)


Pit depth
60” minimum

Overhead clearance
XX” minimum

Aspire elevator beside staircase


For low-rise applications, a hydraulic elevator has many benefits over a traction elevator. A hydraulic elevator’s relatively simple and time-tested design is less expensive to manufacture, install and service, saving money throughout the elevator’s lifespan. Hydraulic commercial elevators are robust, reliable and, when properly maintained, can last decades before requiring upgrades.

Impress your most demanding clients by using the Aspire on your next low-rise commercial project. It’s attractive, fast, smooth, reliable and safe—all at a very competitive price.