At half the price of a LULA commercial elevator, the Carelift is an economical, compact vertical platform lift for commercial projects that don’t require a fully automatic elevator. The Carelift is an ideal choice for public buildings such as churches, halls and other low-rise public buildings to meet requirements for barrier-free access.

We manufacture and install every Carelift with the same attention to detail that we give all our commercial elevators. Our goals are the same as yours: to ensure your project runs smoothly and your wheelchair lift gives decades of dependable service. From our first conversation to the final inspection, you’ll feel like part of the Federal Elevator family.

  • Maximum travel distance of 23’ 3” (6 stops)
  • Maximum load of 1400 lbs
  • Space-saving design
  • Meets CAN/CSA B355 for elevators
  • Contact us for pricing.



Safe, dependable, quiet ride. The reliable 1:2 cable hydraulic drive offers a gentle transition between floors and is built to stand up to the demands of a public building.

Space-saving design. The compact pump and controller can be accommodated in a small space.

Standard specs. Rated load of 1000 lbs., dimensions of 36” x 60”, height of 80”, speed of 30 feet per minute and two stops.

Cab interior. Standard interior finishes include  ½” melamine wall panels in standard colours with stainless steel trim; a stainless steel control panel; and stainless steel telephone box and handrail. Other standard features are a plastic eggcrate ceiling with automatic LED lighting and rubber ribbed flooring in a choice of grey or brown.

Entrances. A prime-coated manual swing door provides access to the lift on each floor. Hall stations are stainless steel.

Safety features: Equipped with an instantaneous safety device, emergency stop and alarm buttons in the cab, battery lowering and emergency car lights.

Lead time. 10 to 12 weeks.

Warranty. 1 year service, 36 months parts (may differ if purchased through a dealer).

Dimensions. Increase the ceiling height of the cab to 84”, expand length and width to as much as 48” x 60” and increase capacity to 1400 lbs.

Entrances. Increase the flexibility of your building’s design by having entrances on any two sides of the wheelchair lift. Upgrade to automatic swing entrances on every floor. We also offer a variety of door designs.

Number of stops. Increase to a maximum of 6 stops.Cab. Options include large push buttons, a solid ceiling and brass-finished handrail and telephone box. You can also customize your paneling colour.

Platform sizes
Width x Depth
36″ x 48″, 36″ x 54″, 36″ x 60″,
48” x 54”, 42″ x 60″, 48” x 60”

80” or 84”

240V single-phase or 208V three phase

Relay logic-based control system.

1000 lbs. or 1400 lbs.

1:2 cable hydraulic

30 feet per minute

Constant pressure

Uninterrupted battery backup

Maximum number of stops
6 inline (to a maximum travel of 23’ 3”)

Single speed

Pit depth
8” minimum

Overhead clearance
92” minimum


A vertical platform lift is a fully powered, semi-automatic way to provide basic, barrier-free access to a building to meet building codes. A key is required to call and run the lift, and the lift only moves between floors when constant pressure is applied to a button. There is no door in the elevator cab, only a door at each landing. A vertical platform lift looks and feels like a traditional elevator because it operates inside a hoistway, but it costs much less. People often use the more general term “wheelchair lift” when referring to this type of lift.

Vertical platform lift

Meet accessibility requirements and lower your project costs with the Carelift. Safe, reliable, smooth operation and attractive finishes. The look of a traditional elevator without the price tag.


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