Unlock the Benefits of Glass and Windows in Home Elevators

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a home elevator, you may want to consider one that has glass and windows. Not only do these elevators offer more spaciousness and comfort, but they can also provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home’s décor. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using glass and windows in home elevators.

Feel Less Enclosed

Elevators with glass and windows give you a panoramic view out of the cabin when compared to traditional elevators. The openness makes it easier for riders to feel less enclosed during their ride. This is especially beneficial for those who have a fear of claustrophobia, making it easier to take advantage of their new elevator system without feeling uncomfortable or anxious.

Enjoy More Panoramic Views

Glass and window panels also allow for panoramic views as you ride up your home. You can enjoy sights from all angles, giving you the opportunity to observe different elements of your house from a new perspective—literally! Whether you are admiring artwork or taking in a view of your backyard, these types of elevators provide plenty of opportunities to appreciate your home’s beauty as you move through it.

Modern & Stylish Look

Not only will glass and window panels make your elevator experience much more enjoyable, but this type of elevator also offers a modern and stylish look that can improve the overall aesthetic of your home. As an added bonus, most interior designers recommend using glass and windows because they create the illusion that the space is much larger than its actual size!

Make It A Centre Piece For Your Home

Using materials such as wood grain panels on walls paired with steel accents can create an elegant centre piece for any home. When coupled with beautiful views provided by glass walls or windows, not only will this type of elevator become an attractive addition inside your house but also an eye-catching feature outside that adds value to your property.

Does it cost more?

Yes, a glass elevator will cost more as you have to use specialty glass in the cab, you will have to increase your motor to be able to carry the weight and you will have to create a glass shaft/hoistway which will be more costly than a traditional one.

Investing in a home elevator outfitted with glass and windows has many benefits that go beyond just convenience—it will make riding your elevator more comfortable and enjoyable while providing stunning views of both the inside and outside of your house. With the modern design options available today, there is no limit to what kind of style you can create with this type of elevator system! So if you’ve been looking for ways to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your home interior space, then consider investing in a glass-and-window-paneled home elevator today! Visit our showroom in person or virtually to see the one we have installed which can be test ridden. Contact a home elevator specialist today to make your appointment.

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