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Quick Tips: How do I use my home elevator?

Now that you have a personal home elevator, you have a world of convenience at the click of a button. Once installed, it is really important to understand how your elevator functions, how you can keep it in good care for years to come, and very importantly, how to use your elevator safely.

Tips on how your home elevator functions:

While simple, knowing how your Federal Elevator product functions is key.  Learn a few tips on how to use your home elevator:

Tips on how to use your home elevator safely:

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are using your home elevator. Following these guidelines will avoid damaging your elevator, and also, keeping everyone safe when they are riding in the elevator:

Tip 1: Children need to be supervised!
To avoid damaging your elevator, do not jump up and down while inside of it, and make sure children under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult while riding your elevator.

Tip 2: Mind the doors of your elevator!
That means not leaning on the doors inside or outside of the elevator, or trying to force the doors open. Check to see that you have called the elevator first, you will see the elevator indicator light up if you have. Also remember that if the elevator doors have been left open, your elevator will not work.

Tip 3: Avoid loading up!
Check the maximum weight limit for your Federal Elevator product. Usually this is 1,000 lbs, or refer to your contract for the allotted weight.

Tip 4: Mind the gap!
When entering and exiting the elevator, mind the gap as you would when riding a commercial elevator, to avoid tripping and falling.

Tip 5: Lock your wheelchair!
If you or your elevator guests use a wheelchair, ensure that the wheels of the wheelchair are locked when travelling in the elevator, in case of rolling.  Tip 6: Be safe, in case of emergencies!

Tip 6: Be safe, in case of emergencies!
When in your elevator, bring your phone with you in case of malfunction. If there is a fire in your home, do not use your elevator to leave the building. Similar to a car, leave the manufacturer warning labels intact, in case you ever need to reference them in an emergency.

Having a personal home elevator from Federal Elevator can help you enjoy many more years in your own home. Understanding how your elevator function, and how to use your elevator safely, is key! If you have any questions about your elevator, or need service, get in touch!

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