How do I use my home elevator?

While simple, knowing how your Federal Elevator product functions is key. We’ve presented few evergreen tips to use your home elevator in the video.

That was a nice tour describing your daily elevator experience. Safety is also an experience you can enjoy. To be safe in an elevator, please DO NOT…

  • … lean on the cab doors or the elevator hall doors. You could fall or get hurt.
  • … jump up and down inside the cab. It can damage the elevator, which is not safe.
  • … let children under the age of 16 operate the elevator alone. They should have an adult with them.
  • … exceed the maximum weight that is specified for your elevator. Typically, 1,000 lbs. capacity but refer to your contract.
  • … use the elevator in case of fire. Evacuate the building through the fire exit.
  • … travel in the elevator without a cell phone (if the cab doesn’t have a telephone connected). Emergencies come uninvited.
  • … lose focus and watch your step when entering or exiting the elevator. You could trip and fall.
  • … forget to lock the wheels on your wheelchair when traveling in the elevator. Else, the wheelchair could move unexpectedly, which is unsafe.
  • … remove the manufacturer warning labels on the elevator. They have a purpose.
  • … force open the elevator hall door. Check if you called the elevator first. The button lights up if you did.
  • … leave any of the elevator doors open. For safety, elevators cannot be called if the doors are open.

All of these are outlined in the Owner’s Manual which can be found on the product pages. Want to order a free copy of our Owner’s Manual? Send an email to [email protected].

We’re sure you’ll remember and appreciate the tips we’ve laid out. Cheers to many happy years of using your elevator!