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How a home elevator can help you age-in-place

Aging baby boomers will become a significant demographic in North America within the near future. The typical boomer is active, financially independent and most have the desire to continue living in the homes that they worked hard to maintain. Many are modifying their existing home to help them adapt to possible changing lifestyle rather than moving to a senior’s residence. Home elevators can help people age in place as they provide the ability to access all levels of a home with ease. Installing an elevator will help if they develop problems with mobility.

Aging in place has been proven to be beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is less costly. A senior’s residence can become very expensive especially as this demographic is healthier than previous generations and are living longer. It costs less money to modify a home than to pay monthly fees at a senior’s residence. Secondly, they are happier in their home. Living in home that they know and are accustomed to is better for their overall mental well being. Staying in the community that they are accustomed to and living near family and friends helps to ensure that they can be cared for by the people who love them and who have their best interests in mind.

Many people opt to design their home elevator to be able to accommodate a wheelchair and an attendant as they are planning for the next 10-25 years of their life. If you want to accommodate a wheelchair, I would recommend designing a cab that is longer than a standard one (A standard elevator platform is typically 48” deep). You should plan to have an elevator platform that is at least 60” deep. There is no standard size for a wheelchair so increasing the length of the cab will ensure that there is enough space to include the wheelchair and its occupant comfortably. An elevator ensures that if any there are any changes to home owner’s mobility, this feature will provide a way to reach all levels of the home. In the meantime, a home elevator is great for transporting laundry, furniture, boxes, groceries and multiple people.

Need more information? Book a complimentary site visit with a specialist so that they can better understand your elevating needs. Visit elevator manufacturers to learn about the options available to you. Federal Elevator has a showroom located in Mississauga that features functioning elevators. This is an excellent advantage for our clients to experience the product first-hand and to see the mechanism in action. I find that a short visit will usually answer the majority of the questions our clients have for us. Home owner’s should research, contact various professional companies and ask questions to ensure that a home elevator is right for them.

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