What is an Elevator Machine Room?

Firstly, What is The Machine Room?! The Machine room is an area set aside for the elevator equipment and consists of the Controller, 2 electrical disconnects and the pump unit. The Controller is a series of relays to help the elevator run, think of it as the brain. The electrical disconnects are for to bring power to the unit and the other is for the elevator lights. The pump unit is where the oil is housed and the elevator’s motor is on top.

The Machine Room has equipment that is critical for the function of your unit. For home elevators, a separate room is not required. The equipment can be located in a room with other home services. A lot of our clients place the items in the Mechanical Room where furnaces and hot water tanks are located. The key is to ensure that there is sufficient room for the technician to be able to service the elevator in a safe manner.

When planning for your home elevator, understanding where the best place to locate the Machine Room will help your elevator run more efficiently. Locating your Machine Room at the lowest landing, adjacent to the equipment will help your elevator run more efficiently.

Are you short on space? No problem, you can order your home elevator with a slimmer tank and create a small closet in the lowest landing opposite the elevator and create your Machine Room there.

Questions? We are happy help. Please send to reception@federalelevator.com

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