The Controller

The controller is located in your machine room.

Think of the controller as the elevator’s brain. The controller is a series of relays, electronic components and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that work together to help the elevator run smoothly and safely. All of the elevator’s functions and travel are controlled by this panel. When you press a button, the information is sent to the controller, which processes the information and then performs the command that is required.

We have been manufacturing controllers in our electrical department since 1988 as it provides us with many benefits. Firstly, it helps us to provide competitive pricing as we don’t need to outsource this critical component. Secondly, we test every controller at our factory, so any issues that arise can be addressed by our electrical professionals before the elevator is delivered. Most importantly, we can confidently state that our controllers are reliable and that they are made to last for many years.

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