Safety Features Included in Our Residential Elevators

A common inquiry that we receive from potential clients is: “What safety features are included in my residential elevator?”. This is an important question as unlike commercial elevators, residential elevators in Ontario and in most North American jurisdictions are not required to meet any specific code and are not required to be inspected upon turn-over to the client. It is wise to inform yourself of the safety features that are available as your home elevator will transport your life’s most precious cargo…….family, friends and pets.

As a reputable elevator manufacturer, we ensure that our residential elevators are equipped with numerous safety features so that each unit will operate in a safe and secure manner.

These are some of our passenger safety features:

  • EMERGENCY BATTERY: BACKUP POWER will activate many of the safety features described below. This system is rechargeable with an automatic recharging system that automatically works when normal power functions are not available.
  • EMERGENCY LOWERING DEVICE: in the event of a power failure, this device will be powered by the backup battery and will allow the passenger to choose a floor (only in the downward position). When the destination is reached the doors will open for the passenger to exit.
  • EMERGENCY LIGHTING SYSTEM is provided in the cab and it shall automatically illuminate in the event of a main power failure.
  • ALARM button is located inside the elevator and can be activated in case of emergency to alert anyone nearby that someone in the elevator requires assistance.
  • Door Interlocks are installed at every door entrance. This feature is designed to prevent the operation of the elevator unless the hoistway door is closed and locked and to prevent the opening of the hoistway door from the landing unless the elevator car is within the landing zone.
  • FINAL LIMIT SWITCH cuts off all power to the elevator if the upper normal terminal stopping devices fail.
  • LEVELING DEVICE a 2-way levelling device that will maintain the car within 13mm (½”) of the landing to avoid a tripping hazard.
  • HANDRAIL is included inside the elevator to provide support to the passenger if required.
  • TELEPHONE (Upgraded feature) located inside the cab and connected to a landline, this feature can be used to inform others of an emergency.
  • FLOW CONTROL VALVE controls the speed of the elevator by the elevator mechanic.
  • SLACK/BROKEN CABLE DEVICE this device will stop and sustain the elevator and its rated load if either of the hoisting cables become slack or breaks.
  • CAR DOOR CONTACT located on top of the cab, this feature will prevent the elevator from running unless the car gate is closed.
  • INFRARED LIGHT CURTAIN (applicable to elevators with accordion doors) runs adjacent to the accordion gate and acts as an invisible shield to the entrance of the cab. The elevator will not move from the landing if the path of the lasers is broken.

There are other safety features not listed here as they are only used by technicians during servicing. Our elevators are designed to keep our clients and our technicians safe!

If you have any questions, please email Keep in mind that you can see many of these safety features in our Showroom.

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